Cosmo Switch
The Cosmo Switch is a unique Bluetooth switch interface for tablets, mobile phones, and computers. It is highly responsive, making it very easy to activate regardless of your motor abilities. The switch lights up in a variety of colours, making it very engaging and providing visual feedback with every press.


The Cosmo Switch provides access to all switch accessible apps or software on iOS, OS X, Chromebooks, Windows and Android devices. Use the CosmoSwitch with your Augmented and Alternative Communication (AAC) software, for switch accessibility, for games, controlling music playback, or even connecting to IFTTT to control your calls, lights and more.

Cosmo Switch features:

  • Smart, sturdy and dynamic switches
  • Lighting up in a variety of colours
  • Visually and sensorily motivating
  • Highly responsive
  • Adjustable activation. Select between ~50 and ~120 grams
  • Fast and steady connection to your device via Bluetooth 4
  • Rechargeable, with extended battery life
  • Easy to clean and sanitise
  • Easy to set up
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth LE or newer equipped devices
  • Easy to pair with the correct Cosmoid when multiple are present in the same room
  • Easy use with Grid, HelpKidzLearn, SnapCore first, Communicator 5 and almost any AAC software.

Price excludes shipping costs and VAT (where applicable)

  • One Cosmoid button
  • USB cable
  • Attachment magnet
  • Getting Started card

Charger not included

  • Exploration
  • Fireworks
  • Toggle
  • Improvisation
  • MyVoice
  • Video StoryTelling
  • Flappy Cosmonaut
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