Firmware Update Guide

We often release new features for Cosmo. In order for the new features to run smoothly on your iPad, you need to update the firmware of your devices.

Step 1 – preparing the update

  • Please ensure your cosmoids and iPad are charged before you start the firmware update.
  • Do not update the firmware your cosmoids are charging.
  • Never turn off your devices or your iPad during a firmware update.
  • Ensure all your cosmic devices are off.

Step 2

Start one of your devices by pressing the blue button at its bottom

Step 3

In the Cosmo app menu, go to Settings > Advanced Settings

Step 4

If you have just one device connected, you should see this:

Touch the blue circle on screen. and select Update firmware
You should be seeing this:

Step 5

When “Progress” reaches 100%, the update is complete. You can then repeat the process with the rest of your Cosmoid devices.