Cosmo for learning

The Cosmo Training app contains a variety of creative and practical activities, all of which have been designed to allow teachers to develop stimulating learning opportunities for learners with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), as well as in Early Years settings (EYFS). All of the activities are designed to engage learners in specific curriculum-related subject areas, as well as developing social and communication skills, cognitive skills, creative skills, and motor skills. Cosmo offers unique opportunities to identify, record and celebrate the small but important achievements made by learners with SEND

How to teach with Cosmo


If you are working from a skills-based curriculum, see Lesson Plans <app_screenshot> where you can filter the plans based on the skills you want your learners to work on.

List of skills -> links to activities

Curriculum areas

All Cosmo activities are designed to be easily incorporated into the National Curriculum. The Teacher’s Guide will help you choose activities that focus on the development of particular skills within curriculum subjects including Music, PSHCE, Physical Education, English, Maths, and Drama.

List of areas -> links to activities

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