How to place your Cosmoid device onto mounting arms


Placing your cosmoids onto mounting arms: You can attach your cosmoids on many mounting systems including Ablenet’s Universal Mounting Plate. Please place your cosmoid on the smallest of the available plates. The two screw-holes are 5 cm apart and they fit M5 screws. Your mounting arm will [...]

Tools to create an inclusive classroom

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Tools to create an inclusive classroom Inclusion in the early years' education Fighting bias and nurturing inclusion is a massive challenge among children and young people. Biased behaviours become visible already during the early years of education. The good news is, they can be unlearned. In this blog post from [...]

How to approach inclusion in the classroom?

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How to approach inclusion in the classroom?   What comes to mind when you think of “inclusion”? Respect? Diversity? Maybe: empathy, tolerance, or open-mindedness? All these are fair guesses. But the question remains, are inclusive behaviours naturally programmed in our brains or do we learn them? Or perhaps we lose [...]



How to use your Cosmo device as an accessibility switch The cosmoid can be used both to control the cosmo app, but also as a customizable wireless accessibility controller. The steps to use it as a controller are: How to connect your cosmo switch to your phone/tablet/computer Start your [...]

Firmware update


The firmware update is a critical process that if not performed correctly, can damage your Cosmoids. Please follow the instructions carefully. If in doubt, contact (1) Turn off all of your Cosmoids. To do that press the blue button at the bottom of each device for 2 seconds. (2) [...]



Please see the video below on how you can use the magnets with your cosmo device. Please note: The magnets have a very strong adhesive. Avoid sticking them on surfaces that can get damaged.

Cosmo setup


Setup for using the Cosmo switch with the Cosmo app Turn the Cosmo switch on in Cosmo mode. Keep the power button at the bottom of the devices pressed for 1 second. The device lights up white. Start the Cosmo app. On your iOS device, download the Cosmo Training [...]

Updating the Cosmo app


Our company is constantly adding features to the existing Cosmo app on AppStore. Each new version has noticeable improvements compared to older ones and we strongly suggest to keep the app updated. AppStore normally updates all app automatically, but in some cases it might take a notable time to [...]

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