Sensory circuits: Alerting station

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Alerting station with Cosmo Source: Pixabay In this article, we concentrate on using Cosmo to complement the alerting station. This station is the first of the three stations within the sensory circuit. It helps the learner prepare for learning through exercises aiming to increase the awareness of the [...]

How to enrich sensory circuits with Cosmo?

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How to enrich sensory circuits with Cosmo?   Source: Pixabay. Free for commercial use.   How we process information We are all different in the way we process information received from the environment. The way we perceive sound, smell, taste and touch can affect how we feel and [...]

Connect Cosmo as a switch on different platforms


Connecting your Cosmo device as an accessibility switch on different platforms Mac OS Go to the Bluetooth settings screen from "System preferences". Enable Bluetooth and make sure your Cosmo is turned on in HID mode. The device should be pulsating and changing colours. You will see a device [...]

How to place your Cosmoid device onto mounting arms


Placing your cosmoids onto mounting arms: You can attach your cosmoids on many mounting systems including Ablenet’s Universal Mounting Plate. Please place your cosmoid on the smallest of the available plates. The two screw-holes are 5 cm apart and they fit M5 screws. Your mounting arm will [...]

Moos te Velthuis on music therapy with Cosmo

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Moos te Velthuis on his musical passion and music therapy with Cosmo. Source: Max Hoogesteger.   My name is Moos te Velthuis, I am 21 years old and I come from Goor, a small town in the east of the Netherlands. I play the bass guitar and have [...]

Tools to create an inclusive classroom

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Tools to create an inclusive classroom Inclusion in the early years' education Fighting bias and nurturing inclusion is a massive challenge among children and young people. Biased behaviours become visible already during the early years of education. The good news is, they can be unlearned. In this blog post from [...]

How to approach inclusion in the classroom?

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How to approach inclusion in the classroom?   What comes to mind when you think of “inclusion”? Respect? Diversity? Maybe: empathy, tolerance, or open-mindedness? All these are fair guesses. But the question remains, are inclusive behaviours naturally programmed in our brains or do we learn them? Or perhaps we lose [...]

How to increase technology adoption at school?

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How to increase technology adoption at school?   You bought 20 new iPads for your teachers... You spent money which, most probably, wasn’t easy to find. Now, the teachers are finally able to bring the 21st-century EdTech into their classrooms.  However, two months in and the iPads are still locked [...]



How to use your Cosmo device as an accessibility switch The cosmoid can be used both to control the cosmo app, but also as a customizable wireless accessibility controller. The steps to use it as a controller are: How to connect your cosmo switch to your phone/tablet/computer Start your [...]

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